Why pay for these:


TTM Auto Pivots (now with R4, R5, S4, and S5): $497
TTM Bricks: $324
TTM Scalper: $498
TTM Squeeze: $496
TTM Trend: $319
Total: $2134

When you can get my indicators for free here:


I see TTM "fixed" their TTM Squeeze for radar. The bars column is correctly labeled now. Funny how I created a version for radar and mislabeled the column #SQZ and so did TTM! Then I fixed the column name and so did TTM!


I posted the May 2007 Motherlode of FREE TradeStation indicators on www.kreslik.com

I posted a new indicator - TRO DYNAMIC RANGE SR.

The MILKING THE COWS - GAP FILL statistics were posted showing the stocks ( cows ) that fill the gap most of the time along with the indicators and workspace.

I wrote TRO_AvgBidAsk indicator because a user was looking for that.

And tonight, Friday, June 15th, my band, 56 Deluxe ( www.56deluxe.com) plays at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson, AZ in the Music Melee. Should be fun!!