I have been warmly received at http://www.forexnirvana.com , http://www.singaporeforexforum.com/forum.php and http://inditraders.com/index.php .

Meanwhile, www.stockhideout.com and www.forex4noobs.com will ban anyone who mentions my name or posts a chart with my indicators.

I wonder why some forums are NOT afraid to have me posting and don't make up rules so they can ban me.

Go figure.


Looks like MP6140 decided to delete ProChargeMopar's thread rather than let people see his lies exposed.



Forex4Noobs doesn't allow charts with my indicators to be posted. Has the world gone mad??


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Many of you wonder why I get banned.

One reason is because I never, ever back down. If I feel something is unfair or unequal, I will fight it until it's resolved or they ban me.

Just remember, whatever they do to me, they can do to you, too! So I am not just fighting for me, I am fighting for everyone.

I hate it when they make up rules on the fly. Banning me for using too large a font or colors goes way beyond stupid. If you have those features on your forum, then I should be allowed to use them. If you don't want people to use the feature, then disable them.

Banning people for arguing with a moderator is stupid, too. IT TAKES AT LEAST TWO TO ARGUE.

Why do I post on so many forums? How else does one spread the word? Posting on many forums is NOT SPAMMING especially when you are not selling. I just want as many traders to know they don't have to pay for indicators and that there is NO FIXED SPREAD IN FOREX.

They constantly attack the messenger, me, instead of focusing on the message because they know I am telling the truth.


Two more forums have banned me:



Someone told me that if I am upsetting a lot of the "right" people then I must be doing something right.

TraderPlanet has a least TradeStation employee/former employee on board so my banning comes as no surprise.

Mike Parker ( aka MP6140 ) took a page from Tymen's playbook and got me banned on StockHideout.