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Thanks to everyone 56 Deluxe made it to the finals.


We played a great show and it aired on local Tucson, AZ TV last night, Friday, July 6 at 9:30PM.

Now, you have to vote for the final time.

First sign in or join here:


Then vote for 56 Deluxe:


Just click on 56 Deluxe, scroll down and click on VOTE.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your support.

Avery aka TheRumpledOne


Why pay for these:


TTM Auto Pivots (now with R4, R5, S4, and S5): $497
TTM Bricks: $324
TTM Scalper: $498
TTM Squeeze: $496
TTM Trend: $319
Total: $2134

When you can get my indicators for free here:


I see TTM "fixed" their TTM Squeeze for radar. The bars column is correctly labeled now. Funny how I created a version for radar and mislabeled the column #SQZ and so did TTM! Then I fixed the column name and so did TTM!


I posted the May 2007 Motherlode of FREE TradeStation indicators on www.kreslik.com

I posted a new indicator - TRO DYNAMIC RANGE SR.

The MILKING THE COWS - GAP FILL statistics were posted showing the stocks ( cows ) that fill the gap most of the time along with the indicators and workspace.

I wrote TRO_AvgBidAsk indicator because a user was looking for that.

And tonight, Friday, June 15th, my band, 56 Deluxe ( www.56deluxe.com) plays at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson, AZ in the Music Melee. Should be fun!!


SMAA_BUYZONE.ELD and TRO_ALL_YOU_NEED.tsw can be found at:




56 Deluxe has made it to the final round of the 2007 FOX 11 Music Melee presented by Volkswagen!

Your ticket to the concert event on June 15th at the historic Rialto Theatre has been punched!

I really appreciate everyone who took the time to vote.

Thanks again!

Avery aka TheRumpledOne


Dear xxxxxx,

We have terminated your access to this site due to violations of our Rules of User Conduct.


TradeStation Forum Administrator


No warning. No specifics.


TradeStation banned one friend because she sent them PMs telling TS just how unfair they are.

The other friend was banned, (this is funny), because a TradeStation employee called another trader and asked them to post the TRO PctTrue indicator that I wrote, and my friend posted a screenshot of the TRO PctTrue indicator and said that TS could google "TRO Percent True" to get the code.


From: xxxxxxx

To: "Avery Horton"


Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 4:17 AM

?? Long call from Mark last night while I was in bed and he asked me to post your code on the% true indicator.



Hey Mark, if you want my code, you'll have to google for it like everyone else... unless you let me back on the forum..LOL!!!

TRO TRAVEL is posted on www.kreslik.com


Thanks to everyone 56 Deluxe made it to the final round of voting.

Now, you have to vote again.

First sign in or join here:


Then vote for 56 Deluxe:


Just click on 56 Deluxe, scroll down and click on VOTE.

Thanks again!

Avery aka TheRumpledOne



"Thanks for your posts, and welcome to the TradeStation community. The thread you are referring to is unavailable, and the member that started the thread is no longer part of the community.
However you have lots of other avenues available to you. "

Fact: The thread is unavailable because TRADESTATION MADE IT UNAVAILABLE.

What is the real reason TradeStation blocked access to the thread?

How does blocking the thread add to TradeStation's bottom line?

Does blocking the thread attract more customers?


I have posted some new indicators at www.kreslik.com






Dear Avery: Following you will find a report which details the outcome of compatibility testing for TRO SP500 TICK. We will be contacting you shortly to obtain legal entity information to prepare the The TradeStation Open Platform Trademark and Logo License Agreement.


Sincerely Yours, Darla D. Tuttle Manager, Strategic Relations TradeStation Technologies, Inc. 954-652-7495 ************************************************************************

FROM: dmello DATE: 03/20/2006 01:04:22 PM Open Platform Development ID: 268 Date: 3/20/2006 User Name: David Mello Name: AVERY T. HORTON, JR. Company: AVERY T. HORTON, JR. Address: xxxxxx City: TUCSON State: AZ Zip: xx Phone Number: xxxxx E-Mail: xxxxxx Product Name: TRO SP500 TICK Version: 000 Platform: TS8 Format: ELD Security Block: Customer ID: DLL Call: globalvariable.dll Indicators: _TRO_SP500, _TRO_SP500_TICK_BARS ShowMe(s): PaintBar(s): Strategies: ActivityBar: ProbabilityMaps: Functions: fCommentary, GVGetNamedFloat, GVSetNamedFloat Does it come with an installation program? No Did it have any install errors? Does it change any of the default TradeStation Program files? Does it overwrite any operating system files? Does the import attempt to overwrite any elements in the work area? No Was the import successful? Yes Do the analysis techniques appear verified in the insert dialog for charting? Yes Does it cause any errors when inserting it to a chart? No Does it install any protected files? No If so, what type? Overall status: PASSED Comments: Passed - Should be noted that this requires globalvariable.dll, a freely available .dll from the TSW website.

Then came this:

Avery, I am writing to inform you that your request for a TradeStation Open Platform Trademark and Logo license (for TRO Indicators) has been declined. While we appreciate your interest, a decision was made not to proceed.

Sincerely yours, Darla D. Tuttle Manager, Strategic Relations TradeStation Technologies, Inc. 954.652.7495 ==========================================

My work passed TradeStation testing. But TradeStation declined to sign off. So all the users who wanted the S&P 500 tick that TradeStation wasn't able to deliver didn't get to use mine.

TradeStation punished their customers.

Interesting, huh?


TradeStation blocked the TREND INDICATOR thread, the most widely viewed thread in the history of TradeStation, today.

Why doesn't TradeStation want their customers to see this thread?


I wonder how many TS executives were part of this decision?

What could they possibly be thinking?

"All support, education and training services and materials on the TradeStation Securities Web site are for informational purposes and to help customers learn more about how to use the power of TradeStation software and services. No type of trading or investment advice or strategy is being made, given or in any manner provided by TradeStation Securities or its affiliates. "

Doesn't it seem odd that they delete one of the most informative threads?


I posted the TRO TRAVEL indicator for TradeStation on www.kreslik.com


Please sign up


Then vote for my band:



Avery aka TheRumpledOne


The TradeStation and eSignal MOTHERLODES for April 2007 are available for free here: www.kreslik.com


Partial list:



I will be in Belgium May 12 - 16, 2007 to teach trading.

Contact johnwalsh007@gmail.com for ALL DETAILS.


And they don't seem to like free indicators either.

One person even thinks the TREND INDICATOR thread on TradeStation should be deleted!! They wanted a poll. But if they had stopped and thought about it, they may have realized that the MOST VIEWED THREAD OF ALL TIME ON TradeStation didn't get to be the most viewed because people didn't like it...LOL!! Then again, you wouldn't mistake them as being a thinking person.


Here's what TradeStation put in post #1 of the TREND INDICATOR THREAD:

[ELD's in this post and in others contained the phrase "payments and donations accepted" in the EasyLanguage code, which is strictly against the EasyLanguage Library's submission policies and the Rules of User Conduct for these forums. TheRumpledOne was given the opportunity to correct these violations, but he declined. The ELD's have therefore been removed. -Admin]

Here's what is REALLY in my FREE indicators:

{Programmer: Avery T. Horton, Jr. aka TheRumpledOne,
gifts and donations accepted, PO Box 43575, Tucson, AZ 85733 }

{ © Copyright 2006 Avery T. Horton, Jr.}

After TradeStation told me I was violating their rules, I QUIT POSTING my indicators on the TS forum and starting my own Yahoo forum where I posted my indicators.

Then I added this:

{Attn: TradeStation
if this indicator is posted on the TradeStation Forum, I, TheRumpledOne, did NOT post it there, so I can't be blamed for this indicator having my contact info.}

So, I complied with their rules of NOT posting contact info but they decided to ban me anyway. Once again, TradeStation is NOT telling the WHOLE truth. Does that surprise you?


TradeStation removed all of the Motherlodes from the first post in the Trend Indicator thread!!

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The Trend Indicator thread is the most widely viewed thread of all time on the TradeStation forum.

Why on earth would TS remove the ELDs?

Is TS trying to OUTSTUPID eSignal??


A user posted a question on the eSignal forum and the reply from an eSignal forum administrator was a link to www.mtpredictor.com The mtpredictor software sells for $1,995.00 and $2,495.00

One of the reasons I was banned from the eSignal forum was because I posted links to www.kreslik.com where user can get software for FREE!!

eSignal said they wanted to keep people from having to go to different sites to get software. So then why are they posting a link to www.mtpredictor.com ? Oh, look at that, mtpredictor has a "certified software" logo from eSignal.

You could say that I should get "certified" and then I could be a "member of the club" and then I wouldn't get banned. But as most of you know, I do NOT want to sell software. If my software is any good then I can use it to make money and can give you my software for free - WHICH IS WHAT I DO!

Let's think this through, if a user can get code for FREE why would they pay for it? If eSignals has vendors that SELL software, do you think they want someone coming along and giving software away for FREE? Is it possible that eSignal is more concerned about their vendors making money than the end users?

eSignal, you are more than welcome to respond here on www.kreslik.com and I know you are watching!!


I just received a call from Todd Gafford of eSignal. He says they may reconsider letting me back on their forum. But some of the conditions they want I REFUSE to agree to. They want me to post my code on the eSignal forum - IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

If you want my code, then you get it at www.kreslik.com - it's that simple. I refuse to have to maintain multiple sites for my code. They want me to remove negative comments about eSignal from this forum - IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! THIS IS AMERICA - I REFUSE TO BE MUZZLED!!

eSignal must not understand the FIRST AMENDMENT of the U.S. CONSTITUTION. I will not back down - EVER!!

If eSignal doesn't want to see negative comments then all they have to do is quit their ORWELLIAN BIG BROTHER behavior. What eSignal fails to realize it that I am doing them a favor by providing free code to their customers. Their customers will only remain customers if they are satisfied customers and that means PROFITABLE customers.

Somehow eSignal thinks they are doing me a favor if they let me back on their forum. That's some really twisted logic!!

P.S. I'll probably hear from eSignal that I shouldn't have posted this either...LOL!!


I have posted hundreds of FREE indicators for TradeStation here: www.kreslik.com


I have posted hundreds of FREE indicators for eSignal here: www.kreslik.com