Do you ever notice how SOME PEOPLE go out of their way to hassle a fellow human being?

I have started a NEVER LOSE AGAIN thread on several forums.

There almost always seems to be at least ONE PERSON who deems it necessary to impose themselves upon my thread. They tell me my systems can't/don't work. They call me names like SPAMMER and SCAMMER. They say I don't answer their questions. They don't like my BIG CHARTS AND FONTS. They find something that they don't like. Simply put, they should MTOFB and/or start a thread where they can show the world just how much they know and just LEAVE ME ALONE!!

I learned that some people view threads in public forums as their own. So rather than "trespass", I start my own threads.

The internet really shows the reasons why there are still wars amongst nations in the 21st Century.


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