"My best understanding of the basic premise of TRO's methods is that I am supposed to trade based on what the price is doing right now, not what I think it might do next. His indicators give me various points to enter a current movement and be statistically confident I will gain 5+ pips.

I thought I was doing it right when last week i had an epiphany. I was sitting there waiting for the price to drop back down so I could get in on a retrace because I had missed the original entry. I was waiting, waiting, waiting..... the next think I knew, I'd missed THREE buy zone entries that could have netted me 20+ pips. What was I doing? I had my mind locked on the trade I wanted (on the past) and I missed the ones right in front of me!

That's why he boils it down to "seeing". You see what is in front of you instead of predicting (or trying to). If you look outside and SEE that it's raining, do you grab an umbrella on your way out? or do you think "it will be sunny later I better use sunblock"?"


Way to go, SLAPFISH!



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