I want to thank all that donated during 2008. I appreciate your support. Many traders made suggestions for new indicators and enhancements to old ones and we all benefited. At last count, I sent out over 340 indicators to those who donated. If you donated $50, that means you received each indicator for about 15 cents, That's not a bad deal at all!!

The slate will be wiped clean for 2009. Also, in 2009 I will be upping my game. I am no longer an MT4 "rookie". The 2009 indicators will have HELP and NOTES built in. I will be working on some other features like dragging to position the indicator on the chart.

I'll be changing many indicators to use these feature in 2009. If you want to start receiving the 2009 indicators, send a donation to my PayPal account with subject "2009 donation" and you'll be in the 2009 Thank You List.

Thanks again.


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