I just received a call from Todd Gafford of eSignal. He says they may reconsider letting me back on their forum. But some of the conditions they want I REFUSE to agree to. They want me to post my code on the eSignal forum - IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

If you want my code, then you get it at www.kreslik.com - it's that simple. I refuse to have to maintain multiple sites for my code. They want me to remove negative comments about eSignal from this forum - IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! THIS IS AMERICA - I REFUSE TO BE MUZZLED!!

eSignal must not understand the FIRST AMENDMENT of the U.S. CONSTITUTION. I will not back down - EVER!!

If eSignal doesn't want to see negative comments then all they have to do is quit their ORWELLIAN BIG BROTHER behavior. What eSignal fails to realize it that I am doing them a favor by providing free code to their customers. Their customers will only remain customers if they are satisfied customers and that means PROFITABLE customers.

Somehow eSignal thinks they are doing me a favor if they let me back on their forum. That's some really twisted logic!!

P.S. I'll probably hear from eSignal that I shouldn't have posted this either...LOL!!


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