A user posted a question on the eSignal forum and the reply from an eSignal forum administrator was a link to www.mtpredictor.com The mtpredictor software sells for $1,995.00 and $2,495.00

One of the reasons I was banned from the eSignal forum was because I posted links to www.kreslik.com where user can get software for FREE!!

eSignal said they wanted to keep people from having to go to different sites to get software. So then why are they posting a link to www.mtpredictor.com ? Oh, look at that, mtpredictor has a "certified software" logo from eSignal.

You could say that I should get "certified" and then I could be a "member of the club" and then I wouldn't get banned. But as most of you know, I do NOT want to sell software. If my software is any good then I can use it to make money and can give you my software for free - WHICH IS WHAT I DO!

Let's think this through, if a user can get code for FREE why would they pay for it? If eSignals has vendors that SELL software, do you think they want someone coming along and giving software away for FREE? Is it possible that eSignal is more concerned about their vendors making money than the end users?

eSignal, you are more than welcome to respond here on www.kreslik.com and I know you are watching!!


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