Here's what TradeStation put in post #1 of the TREND INDICATOR THREAD:

[ELD's in this post and in others contained the phrase "payments and donations accepted" in the EasyLanguage code, which is strictly against the EasyLanguage Library's submission policies and the Rules of User Conduct for these forums. TheRumpledOne was given the opportunity to correct these violations, but he declined. The ELD's have therefore been removed. -Admin]

Here's what is REALLY in my FREE indicators:

{Programmer: Avery T. Horton, Jr. aka TheRumpledOne,
gifts and donations accepted, PO Box 43575, Tucson, AZ 85733 }

{ © Copyright 2006 Avery T. Horton, Jr.}

After TradeStation told me I was violating their rules, I QUIT POSTING my indicators on the TS forum and starting my own Yahoo forum where I posted my indicators.

Then I added this:

{Attn: TradeStation
if this indicator is posted on the TradeStation Forum, I, TheRumpledOne, did NOT post it there, so I can't be blamed for this indicator having my contact info.}

So, I complied with their rules of NOT posting contact info but they decided to ban me anyway. Once again, TradeStation is NOT telling the WHOLE truth. Does that surprise you?


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